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Poems : Seamus Heaney :

My Captain! William Shakespeare. William Butler Yeats. Because I could not stop for Death. Christina Rossetti. George Lord Byron.

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William Wordsworth. Edward Estlin E E Cummings. Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Alfred Lord Tennyson. Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Who will cry for the little boy? Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Oliver Wendell Holmes. Geoffrey Chaucer. Anne Kingsmill Finch.

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Ralph Waldo Emerson. Lascelles Abercrombie. Is this the very same moon I gaze on here tonight That behind Mikasa Mountain Once bathed me in its light? The color of the flower has faded, while I lost myself in idle thought in this long rain. The stranger who has traveled far,the friend with welcome smile, all sorts of men who come and go meet at this mountain stile,—they meet and rest awhile.

Let the heavenly winds blows through the path among the clouds, so that we may detain these maiden messengers a while longer. Over the wide sea towards its many distant isles my ship sets sail. Will the fishing boats thronged there proclaim my journey to the world? Oh stormy winds, bring up the clouds, and paint the heavens grey; lest these fair maids of form divine should angel wings display, and fly far far away. Feel the love deepen over time, like the stream widening into a river as it descends Mount Tsukuba.

From Tsukuba's peak Falling waters have become Mina's still, full flow: So my love has grown to be Like the river's quiet deeps. For you, I head out to the fields to pick spring greens while snow falls upon my sleeves. It is for your sake that I seek the fields in spring gathering green herbs, while the snowflakes kept falling on my hanging sleeves.

Note that though we may be apart, if I am to hear that you pine for me as the Inaba mountain pines, I shall return to you. Chihaya is a good name. Look, this is your card. Even in the age of swift gods and miracles, I have never seen such burning autumn red as drenches the Tatsuta River.

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Even in the age of ancient gods, I have never heard that the Tatsuta River dyed its water in autumn red. On the shore of Sumi's bay , the waves had gathered. At night, I shall go to you in my dream. Let none known. Gust of wind carries leaves from the trees, giving the name of storm to the mountain wind. It is by its breath That autumn's leaves of trees and grass Are wasted and driven.

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So they call this mountain wind The wild one, the destroyer. I don't really understand how you can get sentimental about looking at the moon, but when I see a card that I've practiced constantly on the tatami, I get a confidence boost!

When looking at the moon, you will be overcome by sorrow, as you realize that the autumn belongs to When I look at the moon, I am overcome by the sadness of a thousand, thousand things, even though it is not autumn for me alone. You golden leaves of Ogura, Please delay your fall; For very soon the emperor Will come this way to call. Which is the pale moonlight, And which the piled-up snow? Here at dawn in Yoshino, It's impossible to know. Oh, you cherry petals, On this calm and balmy day, Why are you so restless, So keen to fly away?

None are left who know me.

Takasago pines Who is still alive, when I have grown so old, that I can call my friends? Even Takasago's pines no longer offer comfort. With people you can never tell, Will they have changed when next we meet? But here in my dear old home at least, The plums still smell as sweet. In the Tentoku Imperial Court Poetry Contest that was held by Emperor Murakami in , there were two poems that were especially beautiful. As I watch the prez, those poems come to mind.

Poems about a love that cannot be concealed. Since I could not hide my love, people would always ask if I was pining for someone. Though I would hide it, in my face it still appears -- my fond, secret love. And now he questions me: "Is something bothering you? As my love first came to realization, word had already spread. It is true i love, but the rumor of my love had gone far and wide. When people should not have known That I had begun to love. Impassioned vows exchanged over many a tear shed to last until the day waves crash over Mount Suenomatsu.

To this house surrounded by weeds, So lonely and so weary, Only autumn comes to visit, So mellow and so dreary. For you I would have given up my life. Now together, I guard it dear.

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You know nothing about these feelings of mine that burn that is on fire - Episode When I must hide these burning feelings, I feel as though my body is on fire with ibuki mugwort. How can I tell her How fierce my love for her is? Will she understand That the love I feel for her Burns like Ibuki's fire plant?

My fear is that you will forget your promise to never forget me, so I would prefer to die now while I am still happy. It seems to fit Arata. Whenever I get to meet him, he has to leave right away. It sounds like a love poem, but this poem is about a girl who was her childhood friend, right? It fits perfectly. Long last we meet, only for me to leave hurriedly, for I could not recognize you, like the moon hidden behind the clouds. Meeting on the path: But I cannot clearly know If it was he, Because the midnight moon In a cloud had disappeared.

My first card I promised myself that I would take this card today! I have neither ever seen Ama-no-Hashidate, nor got a word from there. Said night was young when the false rooster crowed, but the gates of Osaka remained shut. After I determined to abandon my love, my only regret is that I have no way to tell you in person.