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The Reds swept the high-powered and talented Pittsburgh Pirates in three straight games. They out scored the Pirates in the short three-game series. The Reds would prevail in the seventh game in Boston coming from down in the sixth inning and winning the game in their final at-bat on a bloop single by future hall of fame second baseman Joe Morgan. The Orioles had one the greatest starting rotations in Major League Baseball history as they boasted three 20 game winners.

They also boasted a terrific starting eight that could put a lot of runs on the board quickly. The Orioles ran away with the A. East in finishing a full 15 games ahead of second-place New York. West Champion Minnesota Twins, sweeping them in three games. They out scored the Twins , in a series that showcased their ability to score runs.

The Orioles went on to remove the demons of the World Series by jumping out to a lead over the Cincinnati Reds.

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The Orioles would go on to win the series in five games. The Reds won more games, but the Reds never lost in the postseason. The Phillies and Yankees were both excellent teams in their own right, but they were no match for the Big Red Machine. The Reds went 49—32 at home and an incredible 53—28 on the road in Next up the Reds faced the New York Yankees in the World Series and would out score the Yankees to win the series in four quick games.

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October 8, The Grueling Truth. Home Podcast.

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Throwback football beats Madden Football and Much More. All High School Football. The Unseen Trauma of College Athletes. All College Baseball. Top 10 Heavyweight Boxers of the s. Out of Left Field: When will player safety be a priority? I read what you wrote in the paper. I've got to ask you How does the tune to that song go? But while he was catching his breath on third base, Chicago firstbaseman Ernie Banks called for the ball and appealed that Marv had missed first base.

“Staudohar has hit it out of the park.” —Publishers Weekly

The appeal was upheld and he was called out. Mets manager Casey Stengel ran out from the dugout to argue the call until umpire Dusty Boggess said, "Forget it Casey. He didn't touch second either! The "Ryan Express" was so on that day, Norm Cash came to the plate with two outs in the ninth inning and resorts to using a piano leg to get a hit. Home plate umpire Ron Luciano, nearly falling down laughing at this ruse, makes him use a real bat.

Cash flied out to left-field, ending the game. Pedro Guerrero, while playing with St. Louis, had no problems with management's desire to put his less-than-stellar glove in left field. Phil Masi was catching one day when Al Javery faced the Giants. The first three hitters all ripped hits on Javery's first pitch. Casey Stengel popped out of the dugout for a conference on the mound.

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Strangeglove, had a particularly trying day. Stuart had missed the first three grounders that came his way, but perfectly speared the fourth. However, in his haste to wave off the pitcher, he slung the ball down the right-field line.

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After the public address announcer warned fans that "Anyone who interferes with the ball in play will be ejected from the ballpark," Murtaugh replied, "I hope Stuart doesn't think that means him. As trained, he called for an infielder to make the play. Eddie's got it!

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Then, he watched the ball fall untouched as catcher Eddie Fitzgerald, first baseman Eddie Stevens and third baseman Eddie Bockman looked on. Pitcher Don Sutton offered the best description to the Pirates' hitters of the 's, who were known as the Lumber Company.

Newsom entered his dugout and slammed his glove against the wall. Told to get a statement from the Giants' Dominican players after Generalissmo Trujillo was assassinated in the Dominican Republic, a reporter came back from the clubhouse and approached his editor. So the first time Pepitone reached first, Durocher decided to test him. First base coach Peanuts Lowery flashed the sign to Pepitone - a wink.

Pepitone didn't budge. So Lowery winked again. Still, Pepitone stood pat. Again, Lowery winked. This time, Pepitone responded. He blew Lowery a kiss. Several best selling baseball books have been filled with anecdotes and are available at Amazon. Some of the best anecdotes can be heard today on television during a baseball game with a good color commentator!

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Someone else did and I just agreed," Palmer said. A reporter wanted to know where Alex Johnson's power surge came from. Before a series, St. Bob Gibson, known for his sarcastic wit, caught teammate Curt Flood off guard with a rare compliment as Gibson watched him take batting practice. Flood smiled. Casey Stengel sat in the dugout with Bob Cerv. Del Ennis popped up with the bases loaded, sending manager Fred Hutchinson into a slow burn. Former manager Alvin Dark was asked to compare teams he managed over the years.

Johnny Blanchard sat in the Yankees clubhouse crying after learning he had been traded to Kansas City. Los Angeles third baseman Pedro Guerrero committed several hard-to-believe fielding errors during one game. On a windy day in San Francisco, third baseman Rocky Bridges called for a popup.

The next day, the newspaper ran a string of song parodies, one targeting Bridges: "A tisket, a tasket. On July 15, , the Angels' Nolan Ryan pitches his second career no-hitter and his second of the season , a shutout versus the Tigers in Detroit, with a major league record seventeen strikeouts in a no-hitter. Pirates manager Danny Murtaugh couldn't resist a jab at Dick Stuart. Pitcher Bill Werle got Bill Nicholson to hit a high infield popup in front of the mound.