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This is called the Robin Hood Algorithm for LinkedIn and explains why a lot of people tend to be really excited about LinkedIn when they first start posting and get a lot of traction. LinkedIn is essentially measuring how valuable this engagement would be for a more experienced LinkedIn creator and lending this very real advantage to people who would appreciate that extra boost of engagement. The idea is that this will encourage them to continue posting and sharing on LinkedIn. In November , LinkedIn announced a major overhaul of pages. The primary change was that this feature went from being called LinkedIn company page to simply LinkedIn page.

While renaming might seem like a minor update, it shows there can be flexibility and overlap in how profiles and pages are used on the site. Or you can have one or the other depending on how each is set up and how you plan to use the platform. Michaela highly recommends having both as a way to highlight the different facets of your career, run different projects and training, and capture your entire audience. Over the past few months, LinkedIn introduced and announced a number of new features for pages, with more expected to roll out in the future.

LinkedIn product teams confirmed plans to develop many of the features that have worked really well on other platforms. These include the ability to tie a group to a page like on Facebook and a blog within LinkedIn pages so that users can subscribe and read content without leaving the LinkedIn platform. LinkedIn offers custom call-to-action buttons for your page.

Similar to call-to-action buttons on Facebook, LinkedIn page owners can select a button and add the appropriate link to direct followers to any of these steps. With the option to add a tagline to your LinkedIn page, you can share a mission statement, a value proposition, or details on what to expect from your page. This is a spot that captures who you are, whom you serve, and how you serve them as a company.

LinkedIn Marketing: Grow Business Profile Followers (New Strategy)

Little things—like ensuring every section is accurately filled out, adding important keywords in the tagline and About section, and maintaining relevant hashtags—are important. Including hashtags on your page is another way to gain visibility and traction for your content.

How to set up a LinkedIn Company Page

You can associate up to three hashtags with your page. Another new feature on pages is the ability to share multiple About Us descriptions in different languages. Before this option was widely made available, it was a struggle to maintain pages on the go. Only being able to edit and post via desktop was a huge challenge for page owners and managers.

[Interview] How To Land Clients Using LinkedIn

Being able to post photos, videos, and updates on mobile was a highly sought-after update from LinkedIn. Content Suggestions pulls anything that your audience in aggregate is already interacting with, along with the engagement rate for each topic. LinkedIn then presents this list to the page admin. This is a great feature for anyone tasked with curating and sharing content for their LinkedIn audience and who has maintained a presence on LinkedIn for a while. Having an established presence means having a good sample size of the types of people who would be interested in your products and services.

The topics will, therefore, be better refined to suit your specific audience. Someone just starting to build a page and a LinkedIn audience may not find Content Suggestions as helpful. Rather than relying on the Content Suggests automatically populated by LinkedIn, choose followers that include all LinkedIn members. Then select your target audience by industry, company size, position, area, and other filters.

This allows you to post content based on your ideal audience. The ability to invite all of your connections to follow your page is an upcoming feature that probably should have been introduced long ago.

Given the troubles and headaches recently encountered by Facebook, LinkedIn has opted to be extra-cautious about adding new features and rolling out updates. The ability to invite your connections to follow your page will only be available once a quarter to limit spamming on the site.

30 Marketers Share Their Most Effective LinkedIn Marketing Strategies

Emojim is a free browser-based app that helps you search and discover the right emoji for your social media updates, blog posts, marketing materials, and more. There are several ways to search for emojis on Emojim. As you type within the search bar, Emojim will refine and eliminate options until you find a suitable emoji. You can also search by category, skin color, or theme. The Social Media Marketing podcast is designed to help busy marketers, business owners, and creators discover what works with social media marketing.

Help Us Spread the Word! Please let your Twitter followers know about this podcast. Simply click here now to post a tweet. If you enjoyed this episode of the Social Media Marketing podcast, please head over to iTunes, leave a rating, write a review, and subscribe. And if you listen on Stitcher, please click here to rate and review this show. What do you think? What are your thoughts on developing content for your LinkedIn page? Please share your comments below. Get this free report and never miss another great article from Social Media Examiner.

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The Best Marketing Framework to Guide Your B2B Strategy

Getting Started With LinkedIn Michaela has been working in social media marketing for the past decade. Landing a Dream Job in 2 Weeks on LinkedIn She announced on LinkedIn that instead of sending out more resumes, she would entirely rely on the power of community to find her next great gig. Don't miss this event! Mari Smith uses her media to establish expertise and branding. Your current and past job experience is another area that LinkedIn uses to determine what keywords your profile should rank for.

It also comes up in some other areas of LinkedIn like search results and employee listings on company pages. Avoid being heavy-handed with keyword use. Beyond keyword optimization you can also add media to each job experience listing. Like your summary, these visual enhancements can help solidify your authority and expertise around specific topics and industries.

Other users can review your skills an endorse you, which are much easier to attain than detailed recommendations. Visitors and connections can endorse you for multiple skills with just one click. Visitors then can see all the skills others have endorsed you for, adding an element of social proof to your expertise. You will receive notifications when others endorse you, giving you the opportunity to reply with a thank you, and even provide endorsements to return the favor.

Since others receive the same notification you can encourage endorsements on your own skills by taking time to regularly endorse your connections. Browse the alphabetized list to choose skills that are most relevant to your experience.

This page is no longer active.

There will also be a list of professionals ranking for that particular skill. Note that you can only list 50 skills, so be sure to choose them carefully. If you notice some that are not applicable or have a low endorsement rate, remove them to make room for more relevant ones. If you have written reports, white papers, or books, you can add them to your publications section.

This section is unique because you can include a direct link to your publications on your website, Amazon, or any other site you choose.

Prioritizing LinkedIn Lead Gen Tactics: A Quick Guide for Inbound Marketers

You can share links as well as tag people and companies relevant to your update. When preparing to make a post you can opt for a general text post or one that includes media images and video or a link, like the example image above. You can also choose to publish an article instead, which will open a new draft in LinkedIn Publishing.

Articles you publish can be featured at the top of your profile next to your activity feed while also promoted out to your connections. Once you have set up your professional profile, you will want to start building your network by connecting with others. First, you will want to see who you already know on LinkedIn using your email address book. You can also use the people you may know browser to find more connections based on the people in your network. Once you have exhausted the list of people LinkedIn thinks you know, you can branch out to others.

Be careful about who you send connect invitations to. LinkedIn encourages you to only connect with people you really know.