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Instead, his book is sharp, witty, and warm, and one of the first I'd recommend to anyone wrestling with faith.

It is studded with new perspectives. A great gift for atheists but also for sceptics and doubters. Usually, they are occasioned by some atheist's claim or a student's suspicion that no case can be made either for philosophy or faith. Probably no one has dealt with young or old atheists more clearly or more persuasively, yet carefully and modestly, than Peter Kreeft.

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He knows what the evidence is and its limits. He understands what arguing consistently means. The fact is, very few have really come across a presentation of reason and faith in the manner that Kreeft argues it in these charming and considerate letters. I found them most delightful and persuasive, even for an old cleric who thinks faith makes sense.

For anyone honestly looking to see what arguments for atheism are and how they might be resolved, no better book can be found.

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Schall, S. A joy to read. I often found a smile on my face from the simple delight of truth-seeking. As ever, Peter Kreeft models the very best of Christian apologetics: he wants to win the atheist not the argument. Believers will learn a ton from this book; atheists, even more. That an erudite philosopher like Peter Kreeft should respond to that challenge with gusto and competence is most encouraging.

Indeed, philosophy the use of unaided human reason with no recourse to theological categories is the ideal ground on which to engage a dialogue with non-theists. Professor Kreeft here brings all his usual talents of precision, readability, and affability to the fore, as we have come to expect. We are all in his debt for this most needed and most welcome contribution.

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Peter M. He has an astonishing ability to communicate complex and complicated philosophical concepts simply and succinctly. These letters to a young atheist will convince all but the most proud and prejudiced that faith is rational and that reason leads to faith. Kreeft's style is both engaging and accessible. Letters to an Atheist is engaging because the literary form of letter draws in the reader. Who doesn't like to receive thoughtful letters? Letters to an Atheist is accessible because Kreeft makes philosophy not merely an abstract head game but a matter of real engagement with living issues.

Kreeft draws on insights from a wide range of important figures in the history of philosophy, on both sides of the theistic question, including Thomas Aquinas and Bertrand Russell, Pascal and Nietzsche. Kreeft covers all the major reasons for rejecting as well as for accepting God's existence. If you or someone who love has doubts, questions, and difficulties with God's existence, this is the book to get.

This gem of a book is brim full of divine signposts and suggestions which we find all around us and within. The many distinctions and proofs are clear and powerful, presented always in a most delicate and sensitive appreciation for the inviolability of conscience. The book ends where every good book on the Faith must-with an invitation, an invitation to Michael the young atheist and to the reader to follow his 'own pointing fingers.

And a question, of course, means a quest. A most delightful read! This one is different. Kreeft knows that logical arguments do not exist in a vacuum, because reasoning takes place among living minds. His book invites a real human dialogue between writer and reader, as friends and partners in seeking the truth. Just one caveat: You must really want to find it. Especially for those who have enjoyed his dialogues, these fictional but quite realistic letters were written to discuss briefly a wide range of issues, chiefly those involved at the crossroads of atheism, theism, and Christianity.

What a trip, all moving quickly but thoughtfully. You don't enjoy philosophy? It's helpful but not strictly required here. You sometimes disagree with the conclusions in these sorts of discussions?

The limitations of science

That's fine-you may join the conversation, too, for we are all free to think for ourselves. But this is a delightful trip, one that may well serve as its own conversation-starter. And apart from a deepening of wisdom, he is now as he was when I first met him: supremely clever at dialectical argument, single-minded in the pursuit of truth, disarming in the sincerity of his simple and joyful love of Christ.

All of these virtues are on full display in Letters to a Young Atheist, making it a uniquely powerful tool for evangelization. Of the many books out there taking aim against the so-called New Atheism, this is surely one of the very best. Tacelli, S. This is why this book is so needed and so useful. In the course of these "letters" to a smart young atheist, Dr. Kreeft addresses most of the principal philosophical objections to God's existence.

His communiques are witty, friendly, deeply intelligent, and appropriately challenging. I would warmly recommend this book to anyone struggling to believe in God. Robert Barron, author, speaker, and theologian; founder of the global media ministry Word on Fire www.

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