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Her friend Mago faces struggles unsuspected by carefree Liliyah.

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His father, a renowned inventor, succumbs to irrational flashes of rage. His mother holds a lethal secret close. When the king's geomancer announces that a tidal wave threatens Navarys, every citizen on the island springs to action. Amidst the uproar, the aeromancer Palujon steals Mago's father's latest invention: unique lodestones with the potential to revolutionize life as the Navareans know it.

J.M. Ney-Grimm

Mago vows to make good his father's loss. But Liliyah questions Palujon's motives. Why would a man of his stature break the law? Is he truly a dastard? In the years that came before the ancient days of the North-lands, a brilliant inventor fabricated the lodestones - powerful artifacts that concentrate magical force.

And while men and women walk the earth but a short while, the lodestones persist through centuries and millennia. When they fall into the hands of mortals, history changes. Follow the lodestones down through the ages as adventure follows adventure, and ordinary folk rise up to do extraordinary deeds.

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