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Let's go ahead and set the record straight, so here's the go-to list for the truth about redheads. Being redheaded isn't the same as being a blonde or a brunette, according to science. That's because our ginger baes are different on a genetic level, which may be why it's so hard to fake, at least convincingly. So now you can tell all of your redheaded friends that they're legit mutants.

So what does that mutation do, and how did it give Reba McEntire and Jessica Chastain those swoon-worthy locks? In a nutshell, it increases the amount of the red pigment phaeomelanin that gingers have, and decreases the amount of the darker pigment eumelanin they produce. That's what causes redheads to have fairer skin, freckles, pale colored eyes and, of course, red hair.

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That's also why redheads have to be careful in the sun, as they're more sensitive to sunlight due to the lack of eumelanin. It's more common in places like northern and western Europe, where redheads in turn make up higher percentages of the population. So for the most part, gingers are a rare breed, far outnumbered by the yellow and brown haired members of our species.

The main reason gingers are so rare is because being redheaded is a recessive trait.

"Each Morning I See New Memes": This Is How The "ASMR Girl" Feels About Them

That means that in order to be born with those famous crimson locks, both parents have to be a carrier of the gene. They don't have to be redheads themselves, though, which is why gingers can sometimes be an unexpected surprise. If you're a redhead with blue eyes, you're even more rare. The reason? Having blue eyes is also a recessive gene, according to Science Daily. Talk about a unicorn!

Although redheads are only a small fraction of the world's population, they're over-represented in television commercials, according to a study conducted by social and traditional media analysis firm Upstream Analysis. Company president Janet Harris discussed the results in an article she penned for the Huffington Post. Specifically, during peak television viewing hours, 30 percent of commercials will include at least one person with red hair.

More often than not it's redheaded ladies who are spotted — they're twice as likely to be in a commercial than their male counterparts. And when you remove ads with no people in them from the equation, the percentage inches up to 33 percent. How's that for evidence that everyone loves a ginger?

Why are redheads in so many commercials? Some speculate that they're super photogenic, which could be a factor.

Red Headed Woman

Others point to the positive effects that seeing the color red has on our bodies. More research is needed to know for sure, so for now we'll just expect to see gingers on TV on the reg. When you close your eyes and picture what a redhead looks like, do you picture someone with long, straight hair and super pale skin like Nicole Kidman? Or perhaps you conjure images of Prince Harry on his wedding day.

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Certainly famous gingers like this get lots of attention for their unique looks. But that doesn't mean that all redheaded people are caucasian with fine, straight hair. Additionally, you can find redheads of color all over the world, according to an article in Vice magazine, thanks to human migration.

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In the article, Barry Starr, a geneticist from Stanford University, said, "Red hair carriers in the Caribbean and Africa are for the most part due to migration or gene flow. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews.

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Little Red-Haired Girl

Hold Your Man According to Preacher Loff , if a ginger girl was talking to you about something, this is a symbol of big money. If a curly red-haired girl was crying , you should check your feminine health. If such a girl was laughing , you will get widely famous. If you see a red-haired little girl dancing to perky music , this is a sign that you behave very defiantly, do not be surprised if your partner is jealous of you.

A beggar child is a very unpleasant sight. To see this image in a dream is considered a bad sign, because it predicts a collapse of hopes and illusions.